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Simple Bitch

Posted: June 23, 2011 in Encouragement, self love

There was a song my daddy played a lot when I was growing up:  Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man.”  If  you’ve never heard it, I’ll wait right here while you go rectify that sacrilege and listen to it.  Male or female, that song still has some damn good advice in it.
1) Live a simple life.  Don’t stir up the drama, be good to folks, no lies… if you wouldn’t tell Gramma about it, don’t do it.
2) Only marry/ live with/ raise kids with/ whatever someone you love and understand.  If one isn’t there, the other isn’t.  If love AND understanding aren’t there, you need to take a closer look at that relationship.
3)”Trouble’s will come and they will pass.”  Life goes on. Whether you want it to or not, life goes on.
4) There’s someone up above.  This doesn’t just mean a deity, although if you believe in one, stick faith here. This also means that there is always someone more important than the issue or person at hand, even if it’s only you, yourself, and you or your kiddos. Realize this, cherish this. 
5)”Be something you love and understand.” This isn’t just talkig about work, although knowing very little about your job and having no love for it is a very good way to end up hating it or no longer having it.  It’s also talking about YOU. You will love yourself most and have the greatest joie d’ve if you live a life you love and if you understand why you do things.
6)”Forget your lust for rich man’s gold.”  Money’s great, but love, family, friends and joy are greater. Money may make the world go ’round, but love makes the ride worthwhile.  That includes self- love and wearing the Stillettos of Ass Kicking.
7)”All I want is for you to be satisified.”  This is everyone’s wish for all they love: to have everything they need, want for nothing, and to love their life.
8)”Follow your heart.. and nothing else.”  If your heart ain’t in it, you ain’t in it. If you’re following someone else’s dream then you aren’t living your own life and your will NEVER be satisfied. Listen to those that love you, but realize you have to carve your own path.
9) “Don’t live too fast.”  The faster life goes, the faster it drains away.  Slow down, smell the calla lilies, and watch.  Relax, love, and enjoy yourself.  If you don’t enjoy your life, no one else can do it for you.
10) What’s worth saying is worth repeating.  What’s worth doing is worth doing right.