This is a meditations site for the rest of us.  This is for the women who don’t do flowery prose, for the women who don’t need a pat on the shoulder, but rather a kick in the ass.  These are straight talking, no nonsense, no fluff kinda meditations.  Y’know, meditations  for the Tough Bitch in all of us.

Don’t tell me you don’t have a Tough Bitch in you.  Who’s the one that wants to tell that long winded jerk to stuff it?  Who’s the one that wants something new and different every once in a while?  Still don’t think you have a Tough Bitch?  Think of the comic Rose is Rose.  It’s ok, I’ll wait here while you look it up.  You see the motorcycle character that appears every once in a while?  That’s Rose’s Tough Bitch.  Find yours.  She may be buried under aeons of repression, of you trying to be the perfect proper lady.  She’s the one  that pops her mouth off in your head when someone’s full of shit.  She’s the one in your mind telling Nancy from accounting that if she doesn’t like your clothes, she doesn’t have to wear them.  She’s that voice that says “this is my life, I’ll live it my way.”

Found her yet?  Even if she’s eensy weensy, she exists.  And this is for her.

  1. Ally says:

    I read these every day they’re posted, and I’ve truly connected with my inner bitch.
    I no longer take crap from anyone, especially myself, and I spend my days being tough and kicking ass.


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