Defining Love

Posted: August 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

There are multiple definitions for love, simply because it comes in so many forms and is not easily defined in any of them. There’s self love (ME!!!), familial love (you love ’em ’cause you hafta, not ’cause you wanna), platonic love (the love for a good friend you DON’T want to fuck), agape love (love is), religious love (love of a deity), romantic love (love for the person you’re romantically attached to), and more.  There’s the webster’s definition, the OED definition, the child’s definition, and the definition that cannot be described in mere words (people have been trying to do that for centuries.)  Let’s not even get into when the various forms of love crossbreed and mutate…

I would wager that there is one quote, word, facial expression, or other expression for YOUR definition of ALL love.  Not for agape love, not for college papers, not for whispering sweet nothings, but for ALL love.  I have two, because one is an extension of the other:  “Love is,” and Robert Heinlein’s “Love is that condition in which [something/ someone]’s happiness is essential to your own.”

Use it in all your life. Apply it to your love of yourself, apply it to your love of your family, your career, everything.  If you truly believe it, and use it well, then you will have yourself a Tough Bitch [Badass] Red Sword of Agape, which cuts through any fuckery like… well, like a hot knife through butter.  (It’s a +10 Tough Bitch Red Sword of Agape, for those playing the table top game.) 
Fuck “Got Milk.”  Got Love?


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