Tough Cheerleader

Posted: March 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

What do you think of when I say “cheerleader?”  A skinny blond bimbo in minimal clothing bouncing around?  Allow me to introduce you to your new best friend, the Tough Cheerleader.
She’s the one I want you to start listening to.  She’s the one who pops up whenever you start getting down on yourself. She’s not the voice of the berater, she’s the voice in the background quietly saying “This is all horseshit and you know it.  How can you beat up the wonderful person you are?”  She’s the one hiding in the shadows of your mind offering the ever self loving, ever self aware side of the coin.
She doesn’t wear the skimpy outfit (well, maybe for some of you she does), nor does she hop around doing highkicks with pompoms.  She’s you own personal cheerleader.  She’s the one that is forever whispering in your ear “You didn’t fail 5000 times, you just found 5000 ways not to do it.  Keep going, you can do this!” (yes, I’m aware I just butchered a Thomas Edison quote, that was intentional.)
I want you to start hearing her, encouraging her to speak louder.  I want her to eventually come out of the shadows and replace the Mean Cunt.  Her name is your name, she is the forever persistent version of you.  She’s the one who hands you your Tough Bitch Bra, she’s the one who helps you into your Stilettos  of Ass Kicking.  If you let her, she’ll make your life that much better and easier, while all the Mean Cunt wants is to drag you down into the muck.  It’s your choice, ultimately, with every decision you make and every thought you have: Tough Cheerleader, or Mean Cunt?


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