Thorns of a Rose

Posted: March 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

Women are generally expected to be delicate flowers, gentle and sweet.  What’s funny, though, is that some of the prettiest flowers are the most poisonous or have the sharpest thorns.  A Tough Bitch must have those thorns, otherwise, she’ll make a great doormat.
I’m not talking thorns that are the result of you being a harpy or an utter, downright Mean Cunt/ Cruel Jackass.  I’m talking thorns like standing up for yourself, thorns like knowing what you want, thorns like not letting someone else stand in your way.  Stuff that protects you and won’t harm someone if they know how to handle you.
Learn the difference  between protective thorns and Mean Cunt barbs.  If you find yourself with Mean Cunt barbs, figure out how to remove them or turn them into thorns.  A Tough Bitch is NOT a Mean Cunt.

  1. William says:

    haha, “mean cunt barbs” (MCB’s) take on an entirely different meaning when processed by my mind. Then again, I know a lady called Barb……….
    But N E wayz, the closer you get to a barb, the less you like that barb. So if some one finds them self being a MCB, it’s usually because they hate themselves. Yet another reason to focus on the things you like about your self rather than punish your self for the things you don’t like.

  2. toughbitch says:

    Billy, you have a point, however; I would disagree with you on “hate themselves.” “Hate that part of themselves,” or “have very low self confidence/ self worth,” yes, but not hate themselves. Hating oneself doesn’t so much produce Mean Cunt Barbs as an Insecure Iron Maiden: It looks nice until you get inside.

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