Define Your Armor

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

Armor.  The word evokes the image of a knight on a white horse, or of a battlefield.  It evokes safety while one is engaged in battle, protecting you while allowing you to move. So why does that armor you wear against the world hinder you more than help you?

Think of all the things  you use as armor to avoid being hurt by the world.  Sarcasm, cynicism, being jaded, and not allowing people close are only a few examples.  For some people, what was once a light effective piece of armor (the equivalent of mithril chainmail) has evolved and grown into a huge and complicated piece of clothing (wearing stone armor.)  You added on one defense at a time, not noticing the added weight, until it pulled you down.  There are others who have negligible armor (strategically placed ribbons) and are constantly getting bent out of shape over the smallest stuff.

Armor that served you well in your past may be utterly useless now.  Maybe because it no longer fits, maybe because it’s designed against stabbing attacks as opposed to slicing attacks, maybe because it’s gotten too heavy.  It’s up to you to go through your arsenal of armor and figure out what pieces best serve your life right now.  Don’t overload yourself. For some, it may be easier to start removing defenses until it gets wearable again. For others, a simple padded silk armor is all they need.  It needs to be light enough that it doesn’t drag you down or affect your decisions, but heavy enough to serve its purpose, even if that sole protection is a tough outer skin.
Choose your armor carefully, but don’t think you’ll be able to use it forever and don’t try to.  Adaptation is a soldier’s/ Tough Bitch’s/ Badass’s most useful trait.


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