Perfect Never Comes

Posted: March 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Don’t reach for “perfect” this, “perfect” that, or “If I just get to this point, I’ll be happy.”  “Perfect” never happens.  Even those whose house/ body/ family/ life are “perfect” are still tweaking.  Don’t settle for “good enough,” either.  Settling just leads to frustration and stagnancy. Accept that life is a journey, not a race to a destination.
Don’t believe me? Alright, let’s assume you get a GORGEOUS, hot, lean, sexy body tomorrow. Just, BAM, here’s your so-called dream body. Would you not keep tinkering with it to make it even “better?”  Don’t you lie to me, yes, you would.  It’s human nature.  We can’t see something we care about and not try to find a better design.  It’s why we have such convoluted brains.
Don’t reach for “perfect,” perfection never comes.  Don’t give up and settle right now, that’s stagnation and danger lies thataway.  Keep reaching for the next rock, the next rung on the ladder, but bear in mind, the ladder won’t end until you die and it’s an unending mountain.


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