Posted: March 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

“Thank you.”

Those are two of the most elusive words in the average western lexicon.  For most folks, it ranks right below “Kiss my ass” and right above “What the fuck?”  Sure, you say it automatically in a lot of cases (birthday gifts, someone passes you a plate, someone passed the cake), but how often do you mean it as anything other than verbal niceties?

To get a true “Thank You” (not a muttered “thanks” that means jackshit) makes your day.  You feel recognized. You feel like you’ve actually helped someone out and done at least one good deed for the day.
Start meaning it when you say it.  Look them in the eye, smile (no car salesman or evil grins, please), and say “Thank you.”  Put the inflection in your voice that takes it from social requirement to honestly meaning it.  Not only will you start making people happier and make the world a slightly better place, it’s better for YOU.

Thank yous aren’t just verbal either.  It’s been proven many times that a thank you note or card sticks out favorably in the recipients mind, be it a thank you card for an interview or a note for a gift.  It may be old fashioned, but the snail mail ones stick out the most and mean the most.  It takes all of 5 minutes ad less than 50 cents to make them feel like you really appreciate whatever it was they did.

That’s right, there’s some self serving in this too.  Grateful people people are perceived as gracious, loving, helpful people.  You know, the kind of person you hate to see harm come to.  Those 2 words ingratiate you on society and make you seem the Sweet Southern Belle (or Strong Southern Gentleman) that everyone wants to love and help.  Gratitude is also shown to lower stress and therefore help guard your body against illness and injury.  All that.  From 2 little words said with intent.



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