Posted: March 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

Respect is something everyone wants, regardless of whether or not they’ve proven they should be respected.  I’m not saying respect should be earned, that’s up to your personal discretion.  I am saying that respect is not something given lightly.  Think of those you respect.  Generally, they’re older, wiser, or (were) in a position of power, right?
Pop quiz: did that list include yourself?  It’d better have.
If you offer respect to someone, it’s because you admire them and acknowledge their efforts and wisdom.  You respect your parents because they raised you.  You respect your religious leader because he or she has taken a path that brings the religious wisdom.  You respect various people because they have proven worthy of being respected.  But do you respect yourself?
Sure, you say you do, but is that just lip service?  Do you treat yourself with respect or do you talk down and berate yourself? Do you treat your body with respect or do you shut it up like a whiny child?    If you can’t treat yourself with respect, you can’t expect others to treat you with respect.
You gotta find your swagger, the one that says “Fuck off if you don’t like me, because I like me.”  The one that’ll walk you through the deepest ghetto without getting any shit.    Don’t know where you put it?  Fake it til you make it.  Once you’ve found your swagger, put on your Tough Bitch Bra and Stillettos of Asskicking and prove that you should be respected.

  1. canio6 says:

    Stillettos of asskicking? you crack me up.

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