I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Posted: March 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

What would it take for you to be satisfied with your life?  Not only with who you are and where you are, but to be completely satisfied with your life.

There are 2 correct answers here, either is acceptable.
“Nothing.”  I love my life as it is, I love myself.  I need nothing more to make me happy with my life.
“I can never be satisfied.”  These are the people who fear a complacent life, who despise the idea of a comfortable being.  They aren’t happy unless they are out on the edge pushing their own or society’s envelopes.

If you do some deep soul searching and see something you won’t consider your life to be complete without doing, DO IT.  For some folks, it’ll be walking again.  For some folks, it’ll be raising a well adjusted child.  For others, it’s reaching that next mark in their career.  You have no excuse not to be happy with your life.  Even if you’re the “I’ll never be satisfied” type, you need to at least be able to find a point in your life where you can say, “You see that? That’s MY life and I’m damn happy about it so far.”If you are satisfied with your life, keep on keepin on, just don’t get complacent and saddle spread. That leads to stagnation.

No excuses, no procrastination.  Get off your ass and do it.   Fear is nothing to hold you back, Fear is only the whip that Greatness uses to weed out the weak.


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