What Are Your Excuses?

Posted: February 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

What’s holding you back?  Waiting for the kid(s) to graduate? Waiting to lose 10/15/50  lb?   Waiting to get that raise?  Those are all BS reasons and you know it.  If what’s holding you back isn’t a legitimate physical or medical reason, you’re doing yourself no favors.  Drop the act, drop the excuses, and drop the fluff.    Get your ass in gear and get GOING.
Identify ALL the reasons you aren’t reaching for that goal.  Not just the primary one, but all of them.  Waiting for time to pop up in your ridiculously busy schedule so you can workout? Honey, that time ain’t gonna appear unless you MAKE it appear.  Getting over a nasty breakup before pursuing a date?  Reasonable  reason to wait IF you are making an effort at getting past the break up.  Waiting to lose weight before exercising?  Unless you’re under doctor’s orders NOT to, this makes no sense.  Try again.  Waiting for the dog to write on the walls before you hang that painting?  Now you’re just reaching for excuses.
Find those excuses and dump them.  Yes, it’ll be a bitch dropping some of them, but that life.  Put on your Tough Bitch Bra (or Badass Spiked Codpiece) and DO IT.  If you find yourself making up 2 excuses for every one you drop, you obviously didn’t want that goal anyways.  Oh, you did?  Then stop playing S&M games with yourself and do something about it.  Now, dammit.

  1. William says:

    Ah jeeze, I left me cod piece some wheres in the dungeon and my coffee isn’t near strong enough to light up the lazy chambers in said dungeon…
    I needa find some excusacide, I hear there’s a sale on for it at the gym, but I’ll be damned if my wallet isn’t tucked away in the cod piece for ego augmentation.

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