It Ain’t Worth It

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Think about the last time you got pissed/ irritated/ outright ANGRY over something that wasn’t worth it.  A slow cashier, someone taking too long to decide what they want at the vending machine, someone else’s misbehaving kid.  People are stupid, but they don’t have to be stupid around you, right?  Wrong.  People are always gonna be stupid everywhere.  Walmart’s a great example.  Your task is to learn what worth your time and and effort and energy getting pissed over, and what’s not.  If it ain’t worth your effort, don’t waste the energy.  Take that energy that would go towards getting pissed at the asshole that cut you off and channel it into something a bit more useful, even if that only means tuning out the rest of the world.  Absolutely cannot control  getting pissed at that behavior?  Find out why.  No, “because they’re idiots” is not a valid why.  There’s something in it that hits a fear button or triggers a subconscious  memory.  Your job is to figure out why it bugs you.   Trial and error is your friend.  Meditation is your friend. Soul searching is your friend.
Idiots will never go away, but they’ll at least become recognized as not worthy of you time and energy.  If you note them as trivial, they’ll not irritate you as badly.  But you first have to figure out why that trivial little thing bugs the shit out of you.  As more things get marked as “not worth my time,” the world will seem less full of idiots.  It won’t be, because idiots breed, but they’ll be beneath your notice.  If it’s beneath your notice, you can’t spend that time, energy, and effort on it, now can you?
People will always be stupid, but YOU can put on your Tough Bitch Bra and deal with them without wasting the emotional energy of getting pissed.


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