For My Guy Readers

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

I know y’all are out there.  You may or may not be embarrassed to be reading a blog geared towards chicks.  You have your own reasons for following it, even if it’s so simple as you like the writing style. (What can I say, I write how I talk.)  With all that in mind, I thought I’d give y’all a few translation tools to make it a bit more relevant for your life.
Tough Bitch= Badass
Tough Bitch Bra= Badass Spiked Codpiece
Catfight= MMA Cagefight

As the blog goes on, this list of translations will grow.  With every distinctly female reference I make, I’ll try to come back here and make a male oriented equivalent.
Carry on, with your Badass self!

  1. William says:

    HAHA nice! U know it hadn’t even occurred to me. I guess to be embarrassed I’d have to care what other people think, something that I have a hard time doing. Besides, I get the feeling I’ll enjoy being a mildly chauvinistic counter weight, lol. 😉 Thanks! =)

  2. canio6 says:

    I’m with William. Why bother being embarrassed? There are many men out there today who could use some toughening up. That said, I’ll let William add the chauvinism; I’ll add the weight 😉

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