Beware of Falling Boulders

Posted: February 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

One of the phrases that gets used a lot on this blog is “It’s your life.”  Think about the people in your life.  Do you enjoy your time around them?  Are they a blessing or a boulder in your life?  If you control your life, why are the boulders there?
Start weeding through the boulders, one at a time.  Were y’all friends in high school and she just got whiny?  Tell her to woman the hell up or GTFO.  Is he your boss?  No way out of that relationship, but you might be able to minimize his impacts on you.  Is your husband’s best friend a prick?  Spend time with your friends when said prick appears.
The goal here is to either remove or temper the boulders.  It’s your life; there’s no point to keep an unnecessary distasteful person in it.Even the boulders that appear in day to day life can be dealt with as they come.  Little old blue hair doing 30 on the freeway and you can’t get around her?  Enjoy your music or take an excuse to listen to that new podcast.  Ijit talking too loudly on his cellphone in line next to you?  Turn up your music on your MP3 player or get lost in a book.  Asshole cut you off?  Flip him the bird, assure him that he won’t get there any faster by doing that, and drop it.

These boulders are in your life because allow them in.  They aren’t worth your time, effort, or lovely self are they?  Put on your Tough Bitch Bra and start dropping  or enshrinkifying (TM) those boulders.  Live your life and don’t let a boulder stand in your way.


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