What’s YOUR Success?

Posted: February 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Success.  Everyone has their own definition of what it is.  For the cancer survivor, it’s another day of life.  For the Type A, it’s becoming CEO of a Fortune 500 company.  For the mother, it’s raising their kids right. For the recovering person, it’s one more day free.
Define your success(es). Yes, I’m serious.  Not just this lofty “oh, eventually, I’ll do this that or the other.”  Define your success in specifics.  I’m not saying all the inky dinky nitty gritty details (all though you certainly can), but enough that you can write it down for someone else and they’ll know where you’re headed. Your success also should not be defined by what others think it should be.  It’s your damn life, remember?  Define your own success(es).

Once you’ve defined your success, reach for it.  Go for it with everything you have. Don’t weenie or pussy out when the going gets tough, because this is YOUR success.  If it’s definition changes as time goes on, that’s your call, but makes sure it’s not an attempt to pussy out of the original.  Own your success and it’ll come.  Weenie out and it’ll go piff, like a dandelion.  It takes a Tough Bitch to follow through on your own success.  You gotta haul yourself up, one tit and one inch at a time.  And putting on your Tough Bitch Bra will sure as hell help with the raising yourself one tit at a time, so go put that on.  Now chase your success.


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