No Psychics Here

Posted: February 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

There aren’t many true mind readers out there and I can guaranfuckingtee you that your family/ coworkers/friends/pets are not mind readers.   They won’t know what you want or need unless you SAY something.  I’m not saying drop an oblique hint that may or may not have been loud enough for them to hear, I’m saying TELL them.  Your boss piling wayy too much on you? Tell him.  Your husband keeps buying you stuff you don’t like?  Tell him.
None of this passive aggressive shit either.  Come out, to their face, don’t beat around the bush, and flat out tell them.  Politely, sure; calmly, always; nicely, as necessary.  My point is that too many people think others are being dicks, when, in reality, they expect folks to magically KNOW what they want.  Sorry, hon, it don’t work that way.  You gotta make your desires and needs known.  Be as much of the calm little Southern Belle about it as you want, but make sure you get your point across in a way that you know will be taken seriously.  Be a bitch if you need to, but don’t cross the line into raging bitchmonster no one’s gonna listen to.
Put on your Tough Bitch Bra and speak the fuck up.  It’s just that simple.


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