Own Your Mistakes

Posted: February 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Everyone makes mistakes.  It’s a right that comes with being human.  How else are you gonna learn? I’ve never net anyone that went mistakeless through their life.  People tend to take the wrong approach to dealing with mistakes:  they hide them, ignore them, cover them up, or outright deny them.  You can’t do that and expect it not to backfire.  Mistakes have a nasty habit of becoming known when we least want them to.
The solution? Own your mistakes.  Don’t just acknowledge them, don’t just admit them, OWN the fuckers.  This is the only way you’ll learn from them and be able to (hopefully) help others avoid the same mistake.  They are YOUR fuck-ups, no one else’s  (even if the mistake was a group effort, you had a hand in it.)  When you own your mistake, you can avoid making it again.  Everyone has that mental log of mistakes and regrets (regrets are just past unresolved mistakes), even if it’s usually kept well away from the light of normal thought.   I’ll betcha each mistake in that log has a “don’t do this” type caution beside it, too.  You can learn from others and from books, but the best school is the School of Hard Knocks, and the lessons come disguised ad mistakes/ errors.  However, in order for you to get credit for that lesson, you have to “turn in” that mistake; i.e., you have to own up to it and learn the lesson.  If you don’t, you’ll be given the same lesson over and over again until you DO learn it.  There’s no point in not owning a mistake and learning the lesson the first time around.  It’s a waste of time, energy, and effort not to.
Pride getting in the way of you owning your mistakes?  Swallow it, stomp on it, put your Tough Bitch Bra on, and grab that mistake by throat.  Everyone makes ’em.  If people look down on you for making one, that’s their loss.  Owning it when you first find it looks a lot better than slinking away and waiting for them to pin it on you.  It’s easier to fix/ learn from then, too.
It takes a lot of guts and, well, toughness, to own a mistake.  Life’s a lot easier once you’ve done it, though.  I guarantee it.  Own the fuckers, mark ’em in that mental log as YOURS, and take your damn medicine.  It’s the only way to learn from ’em.


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