Make Like a Pipe

Posted: February 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

I want you to think about everything you have to keep up on.  I don’t mean just work and family.  Health, breathing, eating, doc appointments, ALL of that.  It most likely comes out to be a HUGE number of things.  My list went on for pages.
Ever notice that when you’ve dialed down your to-do list (as in, you’re on vacation or some such), things just tend to work out so much better? You can think clearer, you’re not as stressed, yadaydaydaya?  There’s a reason for that.
The human body is set up in such a way as to need a minimum of stress to survive (gotta eat, gotta shit, gotta sleep), but too much sends it into overload and the body starts to break down.  You have to find that happy medium to thrive.  Too much stress and you get sick, you stop giving a damn, and you literally hurt.  That’s your body failing because of too much throughput.  Too little stress and nothing gets done, both in the body and in your life.

Your body is like a pipe carrying stress.  Each pipe is designed to carry a certain load pretty much constantly.  Some are designed as pressure pipes (force mains), meant to carry a higher level of stress than most others.  Some are designed as low flow pipes, the kind that deliver to and from homes.  If you overload a pipe, it fails, usually in a pretty spectacular fashion (main bursts, fire hydrant popoffs, busted faucets, the like.)  If you underload a pipe, you get no throughput.  You turn on the faucet and nothing happens  If you underload a pressure pipe, you might induce a vacuum, creating an even more spectacular failure.

You have to find that happy medium of stress.  I can guarantee there’s very few low flow pipes out there.  Same goes for pressure pipes.  Most folks need that hint of  constant  stress (gotta shit and sleep, remember?) to get the adrenaline needed for a give a damn.  Unfortunately, humans don’t come with a design manual like pipes do.  For humans, it’s trial and error.  So, guess what? Write your own damn manual!  This is your chance to find out what YOU need to thrive in this lifetime.  “Cause, honey, even if there is an afterlife, you gotta make the most of this life.  Live it while it’s hot, because it doesn’t feel too good cold.


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