Just Say No

Posted: February 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

I see it everyday.  Women that lay down and become doormats for the world around them. Women who can’t say “no.” Women who put EVERYTHING else in the world ahead of their own desires and needs.  These women are run ragged, sucked dry, and have nothing but a broken back to show for it.  I hate seeing these women like this, because one simple word could’ve made all the difference:


Such a simple yet powerful word.  One of the first words a toddler uses. And yet there are women who seem to have never heard of it.
You can’t do everything.  You can’t do the work of 3 people, I don’t care how talented you are.  Learn to say “No.”
You don’t want to do it and someone else can step in (PTA and room mothering, anyone?): “No, thanks, but I may put in some time later.”
You can’t take on yet another task at work because you’re already overloaded: “I already have so much on my plate right now.  I’d love to, but I physically can’t.”   Then point out how it can be done if you don’t do it right then and there.
Two little letters.  Start using them.  You need to occasionally tell the world to go to hell and take its damn to- do lists with it.  They can find some other poor schmuck, because you’re through being someone else’s bitch.  It’s energy, time, and effort better spent on thing you enjoy and love, like yourself, your family, your near and dear.  Put your Tough Bitch Bra on and say it with me:


  1. Ally says:

    Love it! Passive-aggressive feminist resistance… ggrrr!

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