Trust Yourself

Posted: February 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

I can hear you now: “What are you talking about, ToughBitch, I always trust myself.”

Bullshit.  How many times have you farmed out for an opinion because you didn’t trust yours?
“Dear, should I take German or not?”
“Hey,  do I look OK in this?”
“Is bungee jumping  a good idea?”

One of the thing Mom always told me was “If you have to ask permission, you already know the answer.”  Same thing applies here, if you aren’t asking for knowledge’s sake, but rather to get approval, then you don’t need to ask.  Who cares if Bobby Downtheroad thinks you taking German is a bad idea?  Why should this even concern him?  It’s your life.  Ya gotta trust yourself.  No mincing down the road taking the safest most, well traveled path; make your own damn path.  No asking every Harry, Dick, and Tom (pun intended) for approval. You don’t need it because you are a Tough Bitch.  You create your own damn approval.  Someone else’s go- ahead means squat next to yours.  Trust your own damn self, trust your damn instincts, and leave the begging for approval to the pansies.

  1. lessofmimi says:

    This is a great post. It’s a great lesson. I will try to remember this when I’m feeling less Tough Bitch and more Pansy Bitch. 😉

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