Go for It

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Quick, what’s one dream you’ve never acted on.  Learning German? Skydiving? Going to Rome?  Why haven’t you? If your reason is any reason other than “I physically can’t,” it’s an excuse.  There’s always a way, and it’s a damn shame to live your life without chasing your dreams.  Pretty pathetic, actually.   You have no reason not to chase your dreams.
Money’s the issue-  Start socking back funds, a little at a time.
Who the hell  has time?-  If it’s an important dream (and they all are), MAKE time.
Something or someone (kids, husband, dog) is standing in your way-  Tell them to move or move them.  Babysitters, dogsitters, and telling the husband what’s gonna happen work here.
I dunno if I can- Nice try, that’s an excuse.
I’m scared- We all are. Put on your Tough Bitch Bra and get moving.
Got more excuses?  Those can be shot down too.  If a quadriplegic double amputee can skydive, you have no excuses.

This is your life. LIVE it.  Don’t sit in the backseat waiting for things to get better or sit and watch life go by.  Then you’ll get to the end of your life and go “How much time did I waste because of excuses?”  There’s a variation on a  quote older than dirt that explains the best way to live:

“Life is not about arriving at the grave in a pure and pristine body.  It’s about sliding in ass first, scars and all, trophies in either hand, yelling ‘HOLY SHIT, what a ride!'”

It’s your life.  Chase those dreams.  Give yourself time for you.  And for fuck’s sake, STOP MAKING EXCUSES!


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