It’s Your Choice

Posted: February 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Things can only irritate or anger you IF you allow them to.  You maintain final say as to whether something gets under your skin.  Even if it feels like you have no control over this, you do.  Feel your blood pressure rising in traffic?  You LET it get under your skin.  Why get angry?  It’s not worth your time, that energy can be better spent relaxing to a podcast, a book on tape, or music, or possibly aware meditation.  Things only piss you off if you let them.  This is a hard lesson to master.  We let so many things annoy us that that control seems nearly impossible. Your child can only anger you if you let them.  The idiot in singing the next cubicle over can only piss you off if you let him.  Put on your Tough Bitch bra and figure out why it pisses you off and then DEAL WITH THE ISSUE.  Don’t piss and moan and get angry.  It takes more energy to stay pissed than it does to solve that problem.  It takes more energy to get angry than it does to ignore the smaller, less harmful problems.  Find a solution or find a way to make the situation better.  The energy spent being annoyed or pissed off is better spent another way.

  1. William says:

    Now this is perhaps the most important aspect of what you’ve been discussing and deserves elaboration. the vast majority of what most people get angry about is in and of it’s self TRIVIAL. The problem is that mastering it is elusive. Even getting used to realizing that most things are trivial is difficult and take practice. Generally this comes from suffering and going with out. What techniques can be used to acquire this particular skill with out accidentally becoming a masochist? I mean, this is seriously the back bone of being tough, after a fashion.

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