This Is Your Life

Posted: February 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

This is YOUR life.  Not your husband’s, not your girlfriend’s, not your kid’s. YOURS.  Not everyone has to like you or your decisions so long as YOU are comfortable in them. (Within reason.  You can’t exactly bail out on your life.)

Janey from accounting passionately hates your new sweater?  Who cares?  She’s not the one wearing it.  If you love it, why should her opinion matter?

Your husband doesn’t care for your driving style? He’s not driving, and his life ain’t in danger.  So why does it matter?

The kids are embarassed of you?  That’s part of the territory.  They’ll live with it.

Catch a theme here?  That’s right.  People can give you lip and despise of x, y, or z about your life all they want.  And they will, ad infiniteum.  You don’t hafta listen to it.  Why let them get you down when you’re feeling good?

(Disclaimer: there is such a thing as taking this one too far.  You’ll know that line when you get there.  Just don’t find that line too close.)


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