Don’t Take It Personally

Posted: February 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Read that title.  Read it again.  Read it until it sticks.  Your boss is being a dick again?  Take a step back.  He’s under a lot of stress, he’s a dick to everyone, or he’s just asking for too much in too short a time because he doesn’t realize what all’s involved. Or any or none of the above.  But I can (except in RARE cases), guarantee you he’s not out to get you.  Don’t take it personally.  The woman at the register short you 3 pennies? She miscounted. Don’t take it personally.    It seems like the whole damn world is out to get you?  They aren’t.  Step back and put on your Tough Bitch Bra and LOOK at your situation from an outsider’s viewpoint.  Work may be swamped or political as hell, but that’s not just you.  Your family may be demanding more, More, MORE; but that’s likely because you’re the sane one in the group.   Your friends may be bailing out on plans, but, hell, their life is likely as swamped as yours.  Am I saying “forgive, forget, and move on?” Yes.  Life goes on, even if you don’t.  No one’s out to ruin your life.  If you take it personally though, it will.


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