Who the Hell Has Time?

Posted: February 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

Sunday’s post, a little late.

You have 5 million and one things to do today and something’s gotta give.  The dry cleaning’s gotta be picked up, dinner’s gotta be made, Honeychild has soccer practice, the laundry needs to be done… and that’s all before you even think about carving out time for yourself. Even if you have your Tough Bitch Bra on, you still ain’t Superwoman.  Something’s gotta give, right?  It can, you just gotta prioritize and delegate.  Even as an (acting, in the case of some of you) single mom of young’uns, you can still prioritize and delegate.  Honeychild getting to soccer practice is likely nonnegotiable, as are other things.  Making dinner (as opposed to takeout or eating out) is technically negotiable, but you’d rather do it right, same as some other stuff.  While you’d like to get laundry done tonight, there’s still clean clothes, so it can technically wait for another night.  Give yourself REASONABLE timelines for everything.  Don’t say you can get the laundry in the washer in 5 minutes.  Don’t say that it’ll take you an hour to pick up the dry cleaning (in some cases it might, but that might mean finding a closer dry cleaner.)  Now start adding that all up.  Have 6 hours of crap to do before you go to sleep and 4 hours to do it in?  Start chopping, delegating, and delaying stuff.  Maybe a neighbor whose kid is on the same team and you can alternate out taking the kids to practice.  If the kids are old enough, start having them do household chores after homework.  Maybe the laundry needs to wait for a night that isn’t so packed.  Maybe you don’t need to watch your favorite show when it comes on, but rather DVR/ tape it and watch it later that night/ week (bonus: no commercials!) Don’t sacrifice your health, your sanity, your YOU time for stuff that isn’t important.  Yes, clean clothes are important, but they don’t take precedence over sleep or your sanity.  Prioritize, delegate, and teamwork.   Not even a Tough Bitch can do it all


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