Life’s a Bitch

Posted: February 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Life’s a bitch.  Not just any bitch, but the meanest, toughest, nastiest bitch of them all.  It’s not just your life either.  Everyone’s life is a lowdown dirty bitch.   There’s two ways you can deal with a bitch: walk away or put on your Tough Girl Bra.  For most things in life, walking away is not an options, even if it’s the most desirable thing, because that just means it’ll be there when you get back and likely worse than you left it.  Putting on your Tough Girl Bra DOESN’T mean getting pissy or getting even or anything like that.  It means rolling up your sleeves, taking off the fine jewelry and getting your hands dirty.  If it means you’re in it up to your shoulders, guess what?  You’re taking on the meanest bitch of them all and WINNING.  Life’s a bitch, and she teaches some mean lessons.  However, once you’re on the other side of that lesson (even if there’s 50 more waiting in line after it), you’ve accomplished something.  You can add another Bra to your Tough Bitch Bra collection, because every Tough Bitch Bra is reminiscent of something you’ve learned the hard way before.


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